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Sofa & Carpet Shampooing

Sofa Shampooing

We shampoo and clean every type of Sofa. Be it leather or fabric. Our environmentally friendly, Sofa Cleaning Services ensure complete customer satisfaction in the comfort of your own homes. A complete shampooing or shampooing and sanitization service leaves your chairs stain-free and spotless. Ground-in soils and accumulated grime are removed thereby ensuring the upholstery is left looking fresh, new and completely clean.
If sofas and upholsteries aren't thoroughly cleaned from time to time they may become breeding ground for germs and bacteria causing many illnesses for occupants of such homes. The best solution is mechanized dry foam shampooing with specific detergent & shampoo. This is the correct process to remove dirt, revive the appearance as well as life of upholstery. Our experts ensure that everything is done right without damaging the fabric.

Carpet Shampooing

The carpet is one of the most frequently used items in a house, often placed in frequently used areas such as a living room or a bedroom. Frequent use and less attention to carpet cleaning lead to the build-up of allergens, dust mites and hard to remove stains. Regular carpet cleaning as part of a complete residential cleaning package can help maintain the life of your carpet and improve indoor air quality, which in turn decreases the likelihood of allergy and asthma symptoms.
Shampooing is one of the oldest and most common methods of carpet cleaning. Mechanically operated brushes work a foamy detergent solution into the carpet pile. Excess moisture and soil are then suctioned away. Dry foam shampooing done with single disc machine, provides an intensive agitation of the carpet. We provide different kinds of carpet shampooing services at very reasonable prices

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